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Taian City Blue Sky Auxiliaries Co.,ltd. As a professional developer and manufacturer of PVC non-toxic heat stabilizer,the company is mainly engaged in the development,production and marketing of PVC auxiliaries.Through 15 years of development,the company has been growing stronger.In the meantime,we are certified to  ISO9001/2004 . Also produced JX-186,JX-188,JX-168 methyl tin heat stabilizer which are used in PVC pipe,pipe fittings,wire and PVC film processing.The company also have JX-107 Methyl tin Mercaptide which is suitable for processing PVC profiles,plates,pipes,wood plastic products and other materials.The Phosphorous Acid produced by our company is mainly used in the manufacture of plastic stabilizers and salts,synthetic fibers,organophosphorus pesticides,water treatment of ATMP materials,etc.


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